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"You hear musicians here often."

Translation:Gyakran hallasz itt zenészeket.

July 21, 2016



Why not: "Gyakran itt zenészeket hallasz "


Why Gyakran hallasz itt zenészeket is not sufficient? In Hungarian language we do not use always the personal pronouns.


I'm sure your translation is only missing temporarily. Report, and they'll add it.


Gyakran hallasz zenészeket itt - is it wrong? I thought that word order in hungarian is arbitrary


I am also wondering why this is incorrect.


It's not arbitrary, but it's flexible depending on what you want to emphasize. However, there are some rules about word order, it's not completely flexible. I'm not sure about the placement of "itt", though - maybe it needs to be next to the verb?


I'm curious about the use of "you" here (implied in the Hungarian). Is it used to mean "one hears..." the way it is in English? It's a bit odd to tell someone what they hear, since presumably they already know. But I guess it could just be a comment, like "you have really good weather here."


muzsikus = zenész

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