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  5. "אנחנו רואים מולנו חתול קטן."

"אנחנו רואים מולנו חתול קטן."

Translation:We see in front of us a small cat.

July 21, 2016



As a native English speaker this sentence feels very akward. "We see a small cat in front of us." Feels a lot better.


I completely agree.


That's what I wrote!!! Much better English!!


Yes, but this is not accepted. :(


It is now! (March 2020)


It's June '20 and it has not been accepted when I wrote it!!


ditto - such awkward English - are these even written by a native or by an Israeli?


I’ve heard these kind of sentences in movies from a speaker in front of an audience, like a barker at a carnival who is regaling his audience with a flair. Except he would probably say, “We see before us…” because “before us” is a fancier expression.


November 2020 it was accepted


can I say... "In front of us we see a small cat."


If you're asking about the English, you can. If you're asking about the course, I assume this variation will not be accepted.


Could 'kitten' also be acceptable for 'small cat' ?


Should be accepted in my opinion, but note that kitten is חתלתול or גור חתולים.


I don't know for sure, but I think it's just referring to the cat's size not its age. Like it could still be an adult cat and be smaller than other cats.


Formally it's size, colloquially it could be either.


The English translation feels awkward. Usually a prepositional phrase doesn't come between the verb and it's direct object.


is מול the preposition here? Is it conjugated same as the first group e.g. ליד


It's in the tips and notes:

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