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"It is only recommended for children."

Translation:זה רק מומלץ לילדים.

July 21, 2016



Huh? How come in the tutorial it says not to write ׳זה׳? But here it is used.


I think the difference here is between impersonal 'it' and personal 'it'. For example,

It's recommended to sleep at night = מומלץ לישון בלילה - here dropping the pronoun is recommended.

(I watched a movie yesterday.) It's only recommended for children = הוא מומלץ רק לילדים - here you can't drop the pronoun.

Impersonal 'it' is often dropped in Hebrew, though lately it's becoming more common due to influence from English; personal 'it' isn't dropped.


can we say "מומלץ רק בשביל ילדים"


לא. sounds weird


I'm a Hebrew native speaker and we use this word a lot. Where is this tutorial, so I'll can look in it and explain?


I guess EitanAltsh meant this (I got it from Tips & notes)

Several words in Hebrew that express modality (that is, likelihood, ability, permission, obligation, etc.) do not require a subject. For example:

מומלץ לא לעשות את זה

It is recommended not to do that.

(And not זה מומלץ לא לעשות את זה)


i know my language pretty good (better than most of the people i know) and i can't think about a reason for this. "זה מומלץ לא לעשות זה" sounds good to me as " מומלץ לא לעשות את זה". אז סליחה, אני לא יכול להסביר (i can't explain).

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