"The boy is waiting at the bus stop, whereas the girl is coming over there."

Translation:A fiú a megállóban vár, a lány pedig ott jön.

July 21, 2016



is coming over there = jön ott?

I used the exact same sentence, but with "oda", which was marked as wrong.

July 21, 2016


"ott jön" means something like "she is over there, and she is coming", whereas "oda jön" means "she is coming and will end up over there". I think "the girl is coming over there" might be interpreted as either of these, so it would be useful to report this.

July 21, 2016


You cant say "coming over there" (in English). "Coming" can only be relative to yourself (where you are). It should be "going over there". I'm wondering if this is the translation for a specific reason? Is "the girl is going over there" different in Hungarian?

March 29, 2017


It has a meaning of "there she comes". Or, I guess, "the girl comes there" if you want to put it into the sentence.

Wait, do you even say "there she comes" in English, or is it just "here she comes"?

August 23, 2017


In English we would say, "There she goes" or "Here she comes".

August 25, 2017


How unflexible, tsk. :P

But anyway, I hope you catch the actual meaning of this. Like Gergo said, it means "she's over there and she's coming here".

August 25, 2017
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