"We are guests here."

Translation:Mi itt vendégek vagyunk.

July 21, 2016

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What is the usual position of words like"itt", "ott" in sentences? If I want to put emphasis on them I presume I would place them before the verb, but if I want a neutral word order where should they go?


I answered you this at the other section but so that others could also see:

Possible variations:

Itt mi vendégek vagyunk.

Mi itt vendégek vagyunk

Mi vendégek vagyunk itt.

I don't feel any difference, not in the emphasis, either.

(Okay, 'Mi vendégek, itt vagyunk' is also possible but it differs even in the English sentence I guess-'We, the guests, are here.')


I can't think of a rule for it right now, but in this particular sentence "Mi vendégek vagyunk itt" is the most neutral word order.


is there any reason for requiring the use of 'mi' so compelling as to reject a solution that omits it?


I second that question. I just translated this without "mi" and it is still being rejected. Should it be?


It means the same with and without it. I reported it.

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