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"We are sitting at the thirtieth table."

Translation:Mi a harmincadik asztalnál ülünk.

July 21, 2016



My answer excluded the pronoun -- "Ülünk a harmincadik asztalnál." -- I think that's still correct and I reported it ... but could a native speaker please confirm? Is my version also correct? thx.


It's correct, though it would rarely be used. It emphasizes "ülünk": We are sitting at the thirtieth table (and not standing on it, for example).


Thank you. So, perhaps, if there was enough beer involved, we might need to emphasize sitting ...


Oh yes, that's possible. :)


Or, as I keep saying this, it is all about context. You could be telling a story: "So, we are sitting at the thirtieth table, and this woman walks up to us with five beers....". You could say something like this: "Ülünk a harmincadik asztalnál, és (egyszer csak) odajön hozzánk egy nő öt sörrel..." Cheers!
It is all about context. And emphasis.

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