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  5. "הילדים אוהבים את גן החיות."

"הילדים אוהבים את גן החיות."

Translation:The children love the zoo.

July 21, 2016



Does the Hebrew sentence refer to children and zoos in general, or to specific children and a certain zoo?


Specific ones. You can tell by the ה in front of ילדים and in front of גן חיות.


Can you also say 'animal's garden' or sth like that in English?


No, that would be pretty strange.


Ok, thank you! I thought you could say that because I am German and there are the words 'Tierpark' and 'Zoo'. And 'Tierpark' literally means 'animal's park/garden'. And there are differences between Zoo and Tierpark.


What's the difference between them in German?


I find the difference between Tierpark and Zoo (which is short for a zoological garden, i.e. the same in a Greek garb) rather artifical, for me it is a typical duplicate of a German next to a foreign word formation like Telephon next to Fernsprecher. On the other hand there are Wildparks, where you can see indigenous wild life only.


What distinhuishes אוהב meaning love or like?

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