"The small spoon is in the cup."

Translation:A kicsi kanál a csészében van.

July 21, 2016

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If you search at Google, you find "kicsikanál" in 52 results, "kicsi kanál" in 3220, "kis kanál" in 15900 and "kiskanál" in 209000.

I am not that emphatic to understand, that "kicsi kanál" should be the one and only correct solution smile


Kiskanál is a fixes pharse used mainly for "tea/coffee spoon".

Aside from that, yes, kicsi and kis are the same in this sentence, both are correct.


Please tell me again when you can use kis and when you cannot. I go for kicsi as being unobjectionable in any circumstance, but I know I am missing out on something.


Here you go:

If it is immediately before a noun (or before another adjective that refers to the same noun) we can use both kis and kicsi.

Egy kicsi ház. = Egy kis ház. = A small house.

Egy kis piros labda = Egy kicsi piros labda = A small red ball

Moreover, kis- can be used to form compound words. Kislány (little girl) kismacska (little cat).

If it is after the noun, only kicsi works.

A ház kicsi. = The house is small.

But *A ház kis would be wrong.

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