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"The small spoon is in the cup."

Translation:A kis kanál a csészében van.

July 21, 2016



If you search at Google, you find "kicsikanál" in 52 results, "kicsi kanál" in 3220, "kis kanál" in 15900 and "kiskanál" in 209000.

I am not that emphatic to understand, that "kicsi kanál" should be the one and only correct solution smile


Kiskanál is a fixes pharse used mainly for "tea/coffee spoon".

Aside from that, yes, kicsi and kis are the same in this sentence, both are correct.

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If it is on the cup, then csészén.


We almost need another module on phonetics!

csésze(k) -> csész(é/éke)n -> csész(é/ék)ben

kanál -> kanalak-> kan(ál/alak)on -> kan(ál/alak)ban


Please tell me again when you can use kis and when you cannot. I go for kicsi as being unobjectionable in any circumstance, but I know I am missing out on something.

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Here you go:

If it is immediately before a noun (or before another adjective that refers to the same noun) we can use both kis and kicsi.

Egy kicsi ház. = Egy kis ház. = A small house.

Egy kis piros labda = Egy kicsi piros labda = A small red ball

Moreover, kis- can be used to form compound words. Kislány (little girl) kismacska (little cat).

If it is after the noun, only kicsi works.

A ház kicsi. = The house is small.

But *A ház kis would be wrong.

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