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Practice your vocab and help the needy at the same time!

Hello! I'm sure you folks enjoy learning as much as I do, and who doesn't enjoy helping those in need? www.freerice.com is a wonderful website that lets you play games, and for every correct answer, ten grains of rice are donated to feed the hungry around the world. The good news for duolingo users is that there is a section for practicing vocabulary in Spanish, German, French, Italian, and Latin (as well as English Vocabulary and Grammar)! While the vocab may not be as extensive as you'd like, I just spent some time on there (1060 grains donated!) and added about 8-10 new words to my Spanish repertoire. All in all, this is a wonderful tool that can definitely help in your learning language endeavor. And if you are going to be wasting time on the computer playing games (looking at you, Candy Crush) then why not build your vocab and help a great cause in the process?
Thanks, hope you all use it and enjoy it!

February 3, 2014



Awesome :) Didn't even know they had groups! I'm in.

Edit: It's 330pm where I'm at, and the Duolingo group has 86000 grains of rice racked up. AWESOME JOB EVERYONE!

Edit 2: It's 630pm. There are now 99 members and 130,000 grains of rice donated!!!!!!


Woooohoooo 106 members and 157,000 grains! Thank you everyone for contributing, and of course @JoshuaBowers and @Topolski for the idea!


Awesome, you two, have a lingot! I'll try to do this every day!


Thank you! :D


I'm in too. Pity Portuguese isn't one of the options. But I've brushed up on painting. ;)

Also, it tickled me that the registration page uses a reCaptcha. :)


I'm in too! I remembered using free rice in high school for practicing vocab and can't wait to start using it again :D


Thank you so much! @JoshuaBowers, I didn't know about this site!. @rewong, I'm so in!! :D


Hey no problem! The duolingo community seems pretty great, so I knew there would be quite a few people on board with this :)

Edit: Also, WOW! You alone have about 20,000 grains. that is truly amazing, have a lingot! :D


joined the duolingo group also today


I joined the duolingo group :)


Just earned 1000 grains! It's really not so hard. Takes about 10 minutes to get 1000, most words we know while there is some trial and error, overall very fun quizzing and rewarding!


How do join a group?


Set up an account on Freerice.com and hit "join" on the link I posted


Great idea, guys, I'm in!


Thanks for setting up the group. Having a team to join was just the push I needed to set up an ID at freerice.


This link no longer works for me so I made a new group with the code: FGEBTWED


How do you join the group to help out? :)


So far, I've got 1000 Grains


After you sign up for an account, you click "join" on the group page, and click "play" to earn grains for the group.


Aha! I was getting a headache doing the same old words repeatedly at level 10 Italian. Yet my first try as a "native" Italian speaker was "sbagliato"! Wrong! Excellent advice.


This is a wonderful piece of advice. I was having way to easy of a time, as you said. Thanks!


Thanks soooo much for this tip. The Spanish for Spanish is much more interesting than the Spanish for English!


OK, shared 350 grains of love! :)

Of course, in honor of your tip, those grains were all from the Spanish version!


I love freerice.com. I used to use to years ago (10 or so maybe) for just general vocab. practice. I'm glad to see they've grown to other lessons as well.


They've only been around since 2007...


Wow. The way memory works. I used that date based on a memory of using freerice in a house I lived in over 9 years ago. Clearly that's impossible. Anyway, thanks to cough digg, I did first discover it in 2007 (I had to do research, because I knew that 2007 date just couldn't be right)


Yup, I thought it was pretty new when I discovered it back in September 2007... :-)


It's worth saying that the site uses ads to help fund the rice they donate - so anyone using it should disable adblock on that site. :)


And that's the only thing currently frustrating me - I disabled Adblock Plus but the ads still aren't showing up. I am racking up grains of rice but feel a bit guilty doing so. I'll try using IE, even though I hate it...

EDIT - Never mind, I finally got it to work by restarting Firefox in Safe mode. Yay!


For firefox, I disabled Addblockers by: I went to the Firefox button at the top of the window, then Options, then Content, then I added www.freerice.com to the list of Exceptions.

Latest update: I figured it out. I also had to go into Extensions and Add-ons and do a search for "Ad" so I could find my Ad blocker. then I just disable that while I'm on FreeRice, and then I enable it again when I leave :D


I'm already part of a team, but any new users should start a Duolingo team and I'd be sure to join!


I made a group! And you can be a part of multiple teams. http://freerice.com/content-group/duolingo


Just joined! Woot! :D Update: Earned some rice and practiced some Spanish! :D


User rewong made a group for duolingo users in the comment section. Currently their are 27 members and we've donated about 35k grains of rice. After doing a little research on their website, it seems that 19,200 grains of rice is enough to feed one person for an entire day (2100 kcals). So in the little bit of time this group has existed, we've nearly provided two people with full day's supplies.

Let's see how much we can do by the end of the day!


2100kcals is actually a bit high for females, we only need around 16-1800 pr day. And you really wouldn't want more than 80% of the daily caloric intake to be from a single source.

So let's say 3 people :)


I think the "rice" provided is actually a bit more varied than just rice. So you can indeed equate 19,200 grains to the nutrition required for one (average) person.


I've shared this alot myself in the past, sadly, noone would try it. But to share it on here? Brilliant!^^


Thanks! This really is a win win situation. You get improved vocab, the hungry get food! I'm hoping as well that more people check it out. It's one of those sites that you forget about after a couple days, so it definitely bears mentioning once in a while.


Haven't used it for 6 months or so.. damn,.. they have thrown ins some new vocabs into english oO An they are not yet proper sorted into the right levels, which leaves me thinking, that they must really be super new^^


Yeah I noticed that too with Spanish. Maybe if we get enough people using it from here they will add even more.


I've already donated over 700 grains of rice. Thanks for sharing this with me, Joshua. :) I will work on that every single day I'm on the computer.


You're welcome! I hope you do :) This seems to be a site that people forget about after a couple days. .


^^ It's unforgettable to me. Once I got started, I was hooked! I gave you a Lingot, by the way. Thanks again.


Aww thank you! I've started doing the other lessons as well. I've learned that I'm not the best in geography :)


Np! I love how Freerice helps those in need while teaching you cool things.


I will have to look at it ... cheers


We should have a Monday (or any one day of the week) where we all get together to go earn rice, make it a regular thing or something and post our scores for the day.


Why only once a week? Since the Immersion filter is being mean to me again, I think I'm going to replace the Immersion part of my daily routine with this for a while.


@ revdolphin,

There will be people who do it more or less. But, if there is a simple goal, like "meet each week on x day and earn rice" then it will appeal to a larger group of people who will stick with it more consistently and for a longer duration (in theory).


Yeah, I think that would be a good idea. I I've been keeping track of the numbers for the first couple days the group existed and the gains are definitely slowing down. I think a lot of people would be down with a one day a week challenge, especially if there was a way to remind everyone on that day. Any ideas how?


@JoshuaBowers and @rewong


Most duplicated posts are considered clutter or spam. But, some revolving posts are ok. We could test it out and see how the community responds. I like javax suggestion. So, how about on Monday, we post up a discussion called First Weekly Duolingo MondayRice! And by "we" I mean you and rewong can discuss if you want to switch off posting each week or something. The next week it can be Second Weekly Duolingo MondayRice! Discussions need to be relevant to Duolingo, however. So, that needs to be part of it. Maybe list some themes can be "FreeRice goes well with Duoling" (list reasons, something like you can practice spanish, french, (and whatever languages). And play up to the truth of how rad this situation is, the Duolingo community is awesome! I'm not surprised to find a strong civic spirit here. You don't have to say much, just a few words that make the post relevant, a small summary of what happened when the Duolingo FreeRice group was created (gained how many members joined the first day? How many members are there now? How much rice have Duolingoers earned thus far? Make sure that you mention that this group is unofficial though. And a link. How does that sound?


Awesome, that sounds like a great idea. I will try to remember to do this on Monday. So far, the Duolingo team has done an incredible job, hopefully we can keep it up! Side note, I'm sure you already know this and it just slipped because of typing so much, but Annual means yearly ;)


Ack! >_< yes, weekly! Today has been one of my busiest as a moderator thus far, from the moment I woke up. Thanks for pointing that out to me!


Alright everyone, don't forget: MondayRice, Duolingo style! (first weekly rice-off!) I just realized that for some that's today. But for me, that's tomorrow!


Right! Thanks for the reminder, @Usagiboy7. Let's have a MondayRice :D


That's a fantastic idea! @usagiboy7. I support it! Let's have a MondayRice! :D


What a great way to help the community while learning a new language! Can't wait to try it!


I can brush up on my Latin! Thank you! :D


No problem! Someone above started a Duolingo group, you should join it and let's see how much we can donate!


Thanks for sharing the site! I love it! :)


I did it today. :-)


duolingo group is 4th so far for this moth have a look



Aaand the other 3 are already in the millions. Haha I don't think we'll be passing them, but we can try to hold our 4th place spot!


I had no idea they had non-english languages on there. Love that site! Thanks for the information.


I used to go on free rice all the time. I did all the foreign languages that they had available (they didn't have latin at the time). They're a pretty good site. Every once in a while I go back there to waste some time, but so that is only so rarely.


Ah, I remember doing this in computer class at school in... 2007 in fact.


Love this but as I'm just starting out in French the level is too high - is there a beginners level I wonder?


Well, for Spanish I believe there are 10 levels. If you get answers wrong it keeps you down at the lower levels, so you should naturally be at the level that is ideal for you.


I'm so in! Awesome idea. Thanks for sharing Josh! :)


Im in and playing thank you for letting us know and Rewong, thank you for creating the team!


i will thx very much for you imput


So, they already have the rice and only give it if people answer questions?


From the FreeRice fact sheet: "Freerice is not sitting on a pile of rice. You and other Freerice players earn it 10 grains at a time. Here is how it works: when you play the game, sponsor banners appear on the bottom of your screen for every correct answer that you choose. The money generated by these banners is then used to buy the rice. So by playing, you generate the money that pays for the rice donated to hungry people."


I knew about this in English, but I didn't know I could change it to another language. Thanks for the tip!


Great idea I have just added 200 to the count


Oh, I remember this from a long time ago.


Awwe cool, I had just made a goal on 43things.com to get 50,000 grains of rice on freerice.com I didn't know there were groups either but I will be joining. Thanks.


Great suggestion! Help the needy and even learn something!


Awesome! I used this website when my English wasn't so great, and completely forgot about it by now. I had no idea it has other languages.


Thanks a lot, I joined the group!


How does answering a question earn them money so they could donate?


never mind, i just looked below the question


remember to turn off addblock for freerice.com!^^


i like it, but i dont see how you can call it games :S


They're just drills. I'm doing Latin vocab drills to refresh myself. It could be called a game, but you're right, it is rudimentary. It's still useful and fun, so do help out! :)


I guess games in the sense that there are levels, with rewards and consequences and competition. Not in the Call of Duty sense.


XD too bad! I'd love to play a german version of Call of duty in order to give people food!


In the same way that Duolingo is a "game" ahah


I think you mean arroz gratis.


Numbers are down today. We can do it!

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