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"הקופסאות נשלחות ברגע שהן מוכנות."

Translation:The boxes are sent the moment they are ready.

July 21, 2016



Is it not correct "the boxes are sent when they are ready"?


Maybe it should be accepted, because "when" and "the moment that" are similar; but I think that "ברגע ש" has some urgency in it - at the moment the boxes are ready, they're sent - which I'm not sure "when" has. Also, moment=רגע so it's another reason to prefer this translation. :-)


I asked my Israeli wife who teaches English. She translated the sentence as "The boxes are sent as soon as they are ready."


"Boxes are sent AT the moment they are ready." Does it sound bad in English? ב-רגע = at the moment


Generally speaking yes, it sounds bad. Iin most situations you would use "as soon as"


But it would be OK to say 'The boxes are sent the moment they are ready' - that is, if you dispense with the 'at ' or 'in', it becomes idiomatic English.


The female speaker is way too fast and slurs words together. I replayed this eight times, trying to catch all the words, and still failed.


Duo lingo didn't accept at the moment for ברגע ש. Probably should be fixed even though ב is usually translated as in or in the


I tend to agree with this. Or at least I would normally say "at the moment it is ready" in English even though in Hebrew has ב in the sentence.


קֻפְסָאוֹת נִשְׁלָחוֹת בָּרֶגַע שֶׁהֵן מוּכָנוֹת


When Hebrew create conjunctions out of time nouns, usually no definite article is used: בְּרֶ֫גַע שֶׁ־. Compare e.g. בִּזְמַן שֶׁ־ [bizman she-]:


The boxes are being sent at the moment they are ready


Ha-kufsa'ot nishlachot ba'rega she'hen muchanot.


See Ingebord's explanation for why it should be indefinite b'rega, not definite barega.


How to say in Hebrew: Dès que - as soon as? Is this the way to say it? Because it doesn't sound that urgent to me. It sounds to me more like: "the moment that". Is there any form to imply more urgency?


Well, "as soon as" would be מִיַּד כְּשֶׁ־, litterally "immediately when".


I have written several times that sometimes your portions that are spoken for me to translate do not work and I cannot pass the testing out


Linda, you can switch browsers (and change your browser setting to desktop view/mode). I hate Google Chrome, but people seem to have better luck getting the audio to work there. Or try Puffin browser). It always works in the Duolingo app for me, where the browsers are hit and miss).

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