"The children run to the ninth floor."

Translation:A gyerekek a kilencedik emeletre futnak.

July 21, 2016

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Why does it not accept "szaladnak"? Is there a difference between "szaladni" and "futni" that I am unaware of in this case?


No, it should be accepted. I reported it.


I know this lesson is for the Sublative case, but would "emelethez" also be correct here? Would it be correct, but change the meaning of the sentence? thx.


No, it wouldn't be correct. It would imply that the exact location they run to is beside the ninth floor, which is not really possible, unless they can fly.


Danke y gracias. But they could run towards the building, right? az ├ęp├╝lethez? Or does that also sound wrong?


No, that works :)


emelethez futnak fel - maybe acceptable, though running is the word I would have used. "..a kilencedik meletre mennek fel" - is maybe the best. They go up to the ninth floor. "Hez" "emelethez" means that they approach from the outside so we might wanna avoid that here.

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