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  5. "Bé gái muốn ăn."

" gái muốn ăn."

Translation:The little girl wants to eat.

July 21, 2016



"The girl" should be accepted. It says that it should be the LITTLE girl, but just "the girl" would work as well. There is nothing to indicate the word "little".

August 16, 2016


If "The girl wants to eat" is entered, this error message appears: ""the girl" is no longer accepted for "bé gái". Please use "bé gái" or "cô bé" instead. "

This is unclear, since it seems to suggest that "bé gái" is not accepted for "the girl" but is still an option along with "cô bé".

July 21, 2016


I am having a hard time with "a" and "the". There seems to be no consistent way to choose. I thought "mot" meant "one," and should only be used when we are talking about a single thing, Yet it seems to translate as "a" or "the" and when it is not present, we also get "a" and "the" as translations.

November 6, 2016


you kinda just gotta go with the flow on this. But in the first place, "mot" translates as BOTH "one" and "a/an," so you shouldn't be getting hung up on THAT. USUALLY when there is no "mot" in front of the noun, it translates as "the...", but even when that's not the case, it does usually proceed from the context. Like saying, "I lost ___ tooth." We know it is going to be "a," not "the," or at least we can be reasonably sure; there is a slight chance it would be "the." But when you see enough of these sentences, you kinda start to decipher a pattern...kinda, sorta, "-ish."

September 15, 2018


but it also means baby, so baby girl wants to eat should be accepted

September 15, 2018
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