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"Ezek brazil vagy német autók?"

Translation:Are these Brazilian or German cars?

July 21, 2016



Why the word order couldn't be swiched to: "Are these cars brazilian or german?"


Possibly to keep the structure as close to the original as possible.

"Are these cars Brazilian or German?" -- "Ezek az autók brazilok vagy németek?"


As Shamarth has said among the lines - that wouldn't just be an "innocent" change in word order. Those two sentences have very different syntax, even though they have overlapping semantics. Your sentence is more a (re)interpretation than a translation.


Why are brazil and nemet not pluralized?


Adjectives are not pluralized when they are part of the noun phrase: "brazil autók"/"Brazilian cars"

They are only pluralized when they are linked to the noun with a verb: "az autók németek"/"the cars are German". Yes, here the verb is left out in Hungarian, but I think the difference should be clear.

"Brazilian or German cars"/"brazil vagy német autók" is a single noun phrase (or a contraction of two noun phrases? I'm not a linguist), so there is no pluralization


Aha. Az autók németek = "The cars are German," whereas Az nemet autók = "The German cars?" Got it I think.


Yes, exactly! (Except that it must be "a német autók"; it's always "a" or "az" depending on whether the immediately following word begins with a consonant or not.)


Whoops, right. I knew that. :) Thanks!


First I’ve heard of Brazilian cars...


Why are the intonations in the sentences, when the lady pronounces them, as in statements rather than in questions?

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