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"Where are my daughters going?"

Translation:¿A dónde van mis hijas?

February 1, 2013



I wrote, "¿A dónde van a mis hijas?" and it was marked incorrect due to an extra "a". I thought there always needed to be the "personal a" when a statement is directed at a person (or pet)?


You are right about the use of the personal "a." But in this sentence the daughters are not the object of the verb, they are the subject. They are not being acted upon, but are the doers of the action.


I tried using the conjugated verb with the infinitive (just working on that module) but got it wrong. I said Dónde estan de ir mis hijas? How can you say using my format?


I wrote "Dónde" instead of "A dónde", and it was accepted. Now I see "A dónde" in the correct answer and I'm in doubt: was I right to use just "dónde" after all?


You can use either. "A dónde" for when you want specifics...like where are they going to?? Use just dónde when meaning in general...where are they going?


After I said it wrong, I got the corrected awnser: A dónde están yendo mis hijas? What kind of form is that, because I never heard that word before?

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