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"You do not need to compare Vietnamese with English."

Translation:Bạn không cần so sánh tiếng Việt với tiếng Anh.

July 22, 2016



That's an answer from teachers which I don't like to hear... I believe that comparing helps understand and remember.


It depends. Comparing does not always work for everyone. The negative effect is that you may be stuck within the framework of English language (worse if it happens to be your mother tongue too) while some Vietnamese sentences cannot be fully translated to English without understanding cultural and social context.


We need sometimes :))


Exactly. And i learned the different structure from my old language book. There was a sentence: Ngoài ra còn có một số vùng đồng bằng nhỏ khác như Than Uyên, Nghĩa Lộ, Điện Biên, ... So với đồng bằng Nam Bộ, đồng bằng Bắc Bộ nhỏ hơn.

(Afaik the language in the book is very formal and the structure looks even weirder. )


What happens (i mean grammatically) if i try to place word "and" instead of "with"?


When you read it aloud, it sounds like poetry :)


If you do choose to compare, English is objectively exponentially more complicated and convoluted. There are thousands of localized dialects in English, all with unique accents and slang... Ever hear a Wisconsonite speak to an Australian and a South African and a Cockney Brit? It must sound to a learner as though not only are the words different but also the origin of the language... and then there are idioms, homonyms, homophones... Can you see what they get when they rowed the boat at sea before they rode across the *road?


Why not dang so sanh ?


What happened to the word "dang" in the expression " dang so sánh"?


Đang means "ing", as in continuous present verb. (I think)

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