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  5. "We take a glass of juice."

"We take a glass of juice."

Translation:Chúng tôi lấy một ly nước ép.

July 22, 2016



Why isn't there a classifier with "ly"?


These sentence says "a glass" (một ly) not "the glass" (cái ly)


My question was: why isn't it "một cái ly" with both "một" and the classifier. Many sentences in this course will mark incorrect if you don't include a classifier after "một", so I was wondering why not here. I posted this same question on another sentence as well where there wasn't a classifier after "một", and someone explained that it would be "một cái ly" if it was an unspecified glass, but that there is a preference to leave off the classifier if the noun is specified (in this case it is specified as being a glass "of juice").


I'm a beginner, but I think it's because in this case, the glass itself acts as a classifier. It refers to the quantity of milk you're drinking, rather than to the object that is the glass itself. If you were to say you are using a glass (referring to the object itself), you would probably say "Tôi dùng một cái ly". Can anyone confirm this?


Chùng tôi nhận một lỳ nườc ép. I know there's a typo with èp but why isn't nhận considered correct if it's offered as a clue along with lấy and one other word?


Firstly where is the typo in ép? From everything I have learnt in this course and everywhere else I have seen it written it's your version of èp that has the typo. Secondly nhận is to receive so although you could stretch it, but it would be a very long stretch, to what you are trying to infer it is not strictly correct.


I think i fixed my own typo with ép in the post but my question about nhận is that it is offered as a translation of take, so i wanted to know why it isn't accepted in the answer


Why not " có lấy" as in the other exercises for "take/get"


Hi Stewart, did you find out why? Otherwhise dear knowledgable someone I`d like to know as well... Kind regards and thanks in advance, Michael.

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