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  5. "Quả chanh có màu vàng."

"Quả chanh màu vàng."

Translation:The lemon is yellow.

July 22, 2016



Commonly in the south of Vietnam "chanh" refers to a lime, and is green. You rarely find lemons in Sai Gon.


Yes chanh is lime. This seems to be a mistake all Vietnamese are taught.


My gf (from hanoi) refers lemon as "chanh màu vàng" (yellow lime).


Yep. Chanh is lime. I have never seen a lemon in Vietnam I have lived there 2 năm rồi


Is có necessary here?

As adjective, could it be just quả chanh màu vàng?

Or colors do not work as adjective?

Or maybe this would be "the lemon has yellow color", but we could use "quả chanh vàng" == "the lemon is yellow"?


Có í necessary because vàng is an adjective. Together with màu it becomes a noun. So we need có á a verb. (The lemon has the color yellow)


As of today I can't read the sentences as the print size changed from normal to tiny.


In this course colours go with verb có as in example above. In another course they go with là as in sữa là màu trắng. Are the verbs interchangeable? is this a regional difference? Or am I missing something?


Can you instead say, "Quả chanh là màu vàng"?

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