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"Mój tata to człowiek sukcesu."

Translation:My dad is a successful man.

July 22, 2016



Would you translate the sentence: "My father is is a successful man". In the same manner?


Probably yes. "Successful" as an adjective describing a successful person doesn't really translate well into Polish. You could also say "achieving successes" = "odnoszący sukcesy", with a participle.


Thanks Jellei. You're a great help, as always.


Why does it have to be a "man" of success and not a "person" of success in the multiple choice menu ... człowiek means person not "man" ... this should be fixed


"człowiek" can easily be used about one, specific male person and then it simply means "man".

"man of success" definitely translates to "człowiek sukcesu".

"person of success" works.


Why does it have to be a male person is my question? Why can it not be a female person... I realize that in this specific phrase man would make the most sense because it's a father figure, however I have seen this in the program on other phrases where it does not specify gender and "man" was the only selection. All I am saying is that człowiek means person and not man so I do not understand why it is even an option in the system?


I'm confused. We are talking about a specific sentence after all - a sentence about "my dad". Who is clearly a man.

"człowiek" does not mean "person". "człowiek" technically means "a human". And in many contexts it is synonymous with "mężczyzna" and therefore means "a man". "person" is acceptable in some sentences, but I don't think it's ever a starred answer. On the other hand, "osoby" (literally "persons") usually translate to "people". It's just that Polish and English really use these words differently. I wrote more about it here: https://www.duolingo.com/comment/19428542

Back to this sentence. In Polish, you will say "człowiek sukcesu" about a man and "kobieta sukcesu" about a woman. "mężczyzna sukcesu" is technically possible, but pretty unusual.

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