"I listen to music on Friday."

Translation:W piątek słucham muzyki.

July 22, 2016



Does the preposition have to come first in the sentence? Can it be "Słucham muzyki w piątek"?

July 22, 2016


Yes, and it works. Although it sounds just a little bit off to me - the original sentence is as if it was an answer to "So... what are you doing on Friday?", and your version to "When do you listen to music?" and somehow it's strange that the answer is "on Friday" and not "on Fridays".

July 22, 2016


Why is piątek not in the locative case? I would've assumed it would be 'w piątku'.

April 15, 2018


Days of the week (and the word "weekend") take Accusative. Locative would seem more logical, but... it's just not how it's said.

April 16, 2018


I had other things wrong in my response but would za work instead of w?

December 9, 2018
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