"This is a good restaurant."

Translation:זאת מסעדה טובה.

July 22, 2016

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zot meesadah tovah


To avoid the ambiguity of "ee" for Khirik (אִ) I'd like to add a transliteration that's more accurate but less intuitive for native English speakers and the nikud (I find them incredibly valuable for learning even though one should not learn to rely on them, it's just good to get a look under the hood, so to speak):

/zot misada tova/

זֹאת מִסְעָדָה טוֹבָה.


I'm getting the same thing in the suggested answer. But the "correct" answer lists as זאת.


My understanding is that /zo/ זוֹ is a more formal version of /zot/ זֹאת. It comes up as a suggestion when you incorrectly enter /ze/ זֶה for a feminine noun, because זו is only one letter off from זה while זאת is two letters off, so it assumes you meant the closest correct answer.


I thought you needed a hey at the beginning of the next word for :this is instead of it's, זאת המסעדה טובה


I'm only learning, but I think your version means "this is the good restaurant", whereas the exercise wants "this is a good restaurant".


I'm only learning too, but I agree with what Jiggawhy sad, except your suggestion is probably not correct, because if you make the restaurant definit, you need to add the definit article to the adjective too: זאת המסעדה הטובה I think would mean "This is the good restaurant". Maybe your suggestion could translate to "This restaurant is good", but I'm not sure about that.


האם יש מסעדה במצדה? (בדיחה)


What is זוהי ?


Simply זו+היא (this+is).

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