"Horses neigh, but lizards do not."

Translation:A lovak nyerítenek, nem pedig a gyíkok.

July 22, 2016

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a lovák nyerítenek, a gyikok pedig nem - should be also accepted


Agreed. That is actually a better translation.

A lovak nyerítenek, a gyíkok pedig nem - Horses neigh but lizards don't.

A lovak nyerítenek, nem pedig a gyíkok - Horses neigh, not lizards.


The correct answer in the exercise I just did is given as: A lovak nyerítenek, és nem a gyíkok. Where did és come from in a sentence that has 'but' in English? And why, when I press the discussion button, does it suddenly become 'nem pedig' as the right answer, when that wasn't even one of the choices presented in the exercise? Is this a Beta thing or are all of these acceptable answers?


This must be a beta thing.

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