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"Давай встретимся возле леса на рассвете."

Translation:Let's meet by the forest at dawn.

July 22, 2016



мечи или пистолеты?


Sunrise - when The Sun appeared, in Russian - восход,
Dawn - when The Sun didn't appear yet but it become light, in Russian - рассвет.
So this English translation has a mistake. It should be
Let's meet by the forest at dawn.


I got the impression that the course have many annoying mistakes. And the mistakes have not been fixed for years.


леса на рассвете

I'm trying to understand the exact pronunciation of леса и рассвете. As I understand it, the e is pronounced like и because it is before the stressed syllable, and then the c is pronounced ss as in (s)nake.

The first e in рассвете is pronounced like и. Is EVERY stressed e pronounced и?


Stressed е's are pronounces like е's (i.e. as they are written), and so they are in ле́са and рассве́те. (Okay, леса is indeed a bit unclear here.)


Stressed e's are pronounced like the name of the letter, like и? As you know, English pronounces e using several sounds.

I didn't realize that леса is stressed on the first syllable.


I meant Cyrillic е's.


Aren't Cyrillic e's pronounced 'eh' when they are not stressed, and и when they are in the syllable before the stress?


If you can read IPA , the transcription of this sentence is something like /dɐˈvaj ˈfstrʲetʲɪmsʲə ˈvozlʲɪ ˈlʲesə nə
rɐˈsvʲetʲɪ/. Hope I got it right. ^^'


Roughly speaking, a stressed е is pronounced like e in 'met', and an unstressed е is like i in 'bit' (not ee in 'meet'). Check out these pronunciations of е:

ле́с, рассве́т, о́сень, цена́, Нева́


wow, that sound is seriously messed up


It said: "You have a typo" (underlining ' 's'); but I didn't have a typo.


At sunrise by the forest? What's wrong with that?


Simply put, this is one of those times when they forgot to program the ability to swap prepositional phrases. I also just got punished for it. It's even more frustrating because I've gotten so accustomed to NEEDING to rearrange the order of these sentence pieces to get the 'right' answer during this course.


Why not Lets meet at dawn near the woods?

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