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"Zsuzsa knows Hungarian ones and English ones."

Translation:Zsuzsa magyarokat és angolokat ismer.

July 22, 2016



Zsuzsa ismer magyarokat és angolokat - should be acceptable too.


It's perfectly fine.


same comment or question as changethecloud. Please someone confirm


Yes, that's correct.


Why isn't "vagy" accepted here, i.e. "Zsuzsa magyarokat vagy angolokat ismer"? I can't tell when to use "vagy" or "és" to mean "or".


vagy means or and és means and.


Is the meaning of this that she knows Hungarian people and English people? If so, you would never use the word ones after Hungarian and English. As a native English speaker, when you say Hungarian ones and English ones, you can only be talking about things that are not human. That is why I was confused by the sentence. As you have it in English, it could only be something more like, "Zsuzsa magyar dolgokat es angol dolgokat ismer. (minus the accents on the few letters because I can't type them on my computer)/

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