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"Nhật xuất khẩu máy tính đến Mỹ."

Translation:Japan exports computers to America.

July 22, 2016


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The first word sounds very much like "Nhân" and no way like "Nhật". Maybe you should double check it?

July 22, 2016


This guy (voice talent) has this terrible habit when he starts speaking which is that he lengthens the first word for no reason. There are many sentences like this but I cannot do much except disabling the audio for those sentences.

July 24, 2016


Maybe you should consider someone who has an official accent to replace a northern accent "voice talent"

February 16, 2017


I thought Northern accents are official as compared to Central and Southern

April 11, 2017


Not that far North. This "voice talent" guy can't distinguish between s/x, ch/tr, gi/d, etc., common problems with far north accent. Our standard accent is around Vinh (Nghệ An), a professor of mine was from Vinh and he can pronounce everything clearly!

April 15, 2017


This is correct. They sometimes add an "n" to make sentence flow. More noticeable here with use of "một". You hear this a lot in music.

October 27, 2018


"Japan exports computers to the USA" was marked as incorrect?

September 23, 2016


You needed to write "the United States of America" per the drop down hints that are never wrong<sub>~</sub>~~

November 9, 2018


Bó bảo là Nhân thế mà lạ là Nhật

February 19, 2017


ờm câu này suy luận ra à, câu hỏi ko rõ ràng j hết. Kêu xuất khẩu máy tính chứ đâu có kêu xuất khẩu những chiếc máy tính

July 3, 2017


My answer, another correct solution and translation identical. I term this the "Duolingo Trifecta". Anyone else experience this?

October 27, 2018


i heard the audio said : nhan instead of nhật.

July 28, 2019
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