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French audio difficult to tell apart

In Basics 1, lesson 3/5, it is difficult to tell "Une pomme" from "Un pain" because the audio fidelity is not very kind to the pronunciation.

Will this be looked at? To make the pronunciation easier to distinguish?

June 13, 2012



I'll add "noir" and "boit" to the list of difficult-to-distinguish words. A possible solution- have a button or drop-down menu for changing to a different computer-generated voice?


As a native french speaker, I find that many diphtongs ("yeux", "tiel" in "essentiel" for instance) are not correctly rendered, a few liaisons are not made or made when they should be avoided. Sometimes even "est" ("is" in english") is muted at normal speed. Usually, hearing at slow speed solves the problem.

It would also be greatly beneficial to learners if there were several voices, women and men (not counting the fact that a few sentences are ridiculous when said from a different gender than the subject).

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