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  5. "After I swim I bake cakes."

"After I swim I bake cakes."

Translation:אחרי שאני שוחָה אני אופה עוגות.

July 22, 2016



akharei she-ani sokhah ani ofah ugot


Shouldn't it be אחרי כשאני שוחה... ?


Literally, it's sort of "after that I swim"

What you're writing is "after when I swim" which isn't correct


I don't remember "that I"/ she'ani being introduced. I looked in the tips and notes compilation pdf, and it shows up in future 1. HAVE they updated it, did I miss something, what's going on? (This question appeared to me as a strength builder in the app, (AKA not as part of a skill, and so I don't know what skill it's supposed to be in and I can't find שאני earlier when searching through the tips and notes*).

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