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"Những người phụ nữ này quen thuộc với tôi."

Translation:These women are familiar to me.

July 22, 2016



By translating to "familiar to me" instead of "familiar with me" does this sentence indicate that the speaker knows the women, but we don't know whether the women know the speaker? Or does it imply mutual familiarity? If the former, how would you say "the women are familiar with me"?


Yea, how do you distinguish vời as "with" or "to"?


I have exactly the same question. Can someone please help?


But Duo teach me: Sự trừng phạt nay rất lờn với cô gái nhỏ. This punishement is very big TO the little girl.


"To" is wrong in this English sentence in the word order used. "To the little girl, this punishment is big" would work but it has a different meaning.


So how would you translate "These women are familiar with me." So the women are the object of the sentence as opposed to "me" being the object.


This sentence definitely needs clarification


From what I learned as I spent 2 years in Việt Nam, "với" in this sentence should be "with" while "to" would use "đối với"

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