"Ten hotel jest dla mnie zbyt drogi."

Translation:This hotel is too expensive for me.

July 22, 2016

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It rejected 'dear' for expensive - I presume Americans don't say dear!


If the British do, that's good enough. Added.


Its not because it still said it is wrong. Remember it is the English language and not the american.


Remember, it is you who needs to prove to us that it wasn't accepted, not the other way round.


Why not "this hotel for me is too expensive"?


I don't believe it works in English, it looks like a calque of the Polish word order.


I'm not sure, but I would use it in this order to specify that (maybe for others not but) This hotel FOR ME is too expensive.


This is not natural word order in English.


Well I guess it should work by emphasizing 'FOR ME'. So its too expensive for me, but someone else could afford it. Sounds ok in English?


Well, to give the same emphasis in Polish you would need to put "dla mnie" at the end ;)


that's what I put lol


"the hotel is for me too expensive" is correct...


No, it's not.


does the voice recording skip over mnie or is it really subtle?


I hear it fine. But I've seen several comments similar to yours recently, I wonder if it isn't some strange bug...


Hi, is "In my opinion, this hotel is too expensive." too different a translation?


Yes, too different. Maybe it's not even that I think it's too expensive, maybe the prices are fine but I am still too poor.


This hotel is abit expensive for me. We in England use abit equally as we do , too. Zbyt probably came from abit.


Presumably you mean "a bit" rather than "abit". You might use it an equal amount in your part of England, but they don't seem to have equal meanings in my part.

"A bit" implies it's expensive, but I could be persuaded to stay there if I really had to.

"Too" implies that I'm definitely going to look somewhere else for a hotel.

We are puzzled by your etymological deduction that the Polish language got "zbyt" from "abit". A Polish etymological dictionary would explain that "zbyt" comes from the verb "zbyć" (to dispose of, to dismiss) and itself comes from "z" (off, out) + "być" (to be).

I'm sure that my Polish-speaking colleagues could help you with some references if necessary.

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