"This is not a game."

Translation:Ez nem játék.

July 22, 2016

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why is "ez nem egy játék" wrong? or is it?


More unusual than wrong. It is much more common this way. Like "This is no game". Btw, "játék" means both "game" and "toy". But not wildlife.


When do you use "ez" and when do you use "ez a"?


It's probably already late to reply, but (I think) when you want to say: this is a you use ez egy or ez
(same case for az = that)

BUT if you want to say this chair / that table, etc.... In English we don't use an article (the) here, but Hungarians use it. Ez a / Ez az / Az a/ Az az

But don't worry about this, a native person will understand what you're saying if you don't add a /az


Why is this incorrect: "Ez nincs játék." ?


Because "nincs" means "there is not". It is the opposite of "van" - "there is" or "have" in English.

E.g. Nincs penzem - I have no money


Sort of - nincs is literally the irregular conjugation of nem van (which is never used) Nincs is used in the sense of there is not/does not have because van is used in this sense also, but is literally is not: for example, ő nincs itt = (s)he is not here

So Ez nincs játék is wrong because equality of two nouns (or a noun and an adjective) requires omitting van (and by extension, omitting nincs - but of course keeping nem, because otherwise you would have no idea there was a negation)


What a wonderfully clear explanation. Thanks!


játszma & játék are the same word. I've reported this hopefully someone will see it.


Is it okay to rephrase "nem játék van"


As far as I'm aware, no. You need "ez" to mark "this", and you can't use "van" in this sentence.

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