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I want to use my skill points to buy rats for the owl...help?

My owl is starving and bored! He needs treats, and toys, and vacations--like on Neopets. :) We should be able to purchase these things using our hard won skill points. Also, we should earn owl treats for translations. The owl should have a happiness/fullness score that reflects our diligent efforts on his behalf. And we should be able to name him. Seriously, make it like Neopets, but in such a way that you only get "money" (skill points) for playing practice games and doing translations. I was addicted to that game at one point.

We also need a way to show off our skills to other players--like, I want my name to have "Level 5 Italian" written underneath it whenever I post. What's the point of grinding endlessly if you can't flaunt your hard work for strangers everywhere to envy? ;)

February 1, 2013



Awesome! :D Someday you'll have children playing Duolingo six hours a day. Parents will complain, but their addicted offspring will protest, "It's a LEARNING game!" Then the parents will be surprised to find that their child is now fluent in nine languages and regarded as an expert in whatever field they choose to translate sentences in. ;)

Go for it!!!


Hahaha, awesome vision... I love it!


These are great ideas. We'll try to add something like this.


I tell my girlfriend that I am a level 15 German, but I wouldn't mind having a Master Sword of Verb Conjugation to go with it.


Can you imagine P2P translation deathmatches? After savage avian combat, the person who is the fastest and most accurate typist would prevail. Everyone would know the German words for "hitpoints," "power up," "medpack," "shop" and "respawn." Pretty soon shadowy forums would turn up where people sell skillpoints for real $$$, along with leveled up owl characters and the super sword you can only get when you're a level 25. The game will be mostly played by native speakers of German who take sadistic pleasure in pwning n00bs.

Yeah, okay, we'd better steer clear of the WoW model if we want to keep a mainstream audience. ;) Family friendly Neopet-style battles maybe.


I like the idea of the badges with our levels on our avatars.


I think you could also make it so the owl can grow with your levels. For example if you are a level one, it could be an egg, that would start cracking through levers 2 and 4 and when it gets to level 5 a small owl will be there, or something.


I don't really like the idea of making my owl a real-time obligation, but I do like the idea of showing your level with creative pictures of the owl. That sould super-cute!


Awesome idea. To earn stuff for the owl, but please no live rat feeding. Sam, the darling rat in my profile picture, would be horribly upset to hear that we were feeding virtual live rats to a virtual owl. Please use frozen mice/rats that have been virtually humanely euthanized. Otherwise, I will have Sam lick you silly. He's too sweet to actually bite.


i am seriously starting to feel for that owl


Is there a way to turn off the "you made the owl cry" emails? They make me feel so guilty - I wish I could explain to the owl that I only missed practicing the other day because of the cyclone :|


C'mon, a cyclone?! That's no excuse.

But there's a "daily reminder e-mail" checkbox in Settings > Notifications that should do the trick if you need salve for your guilty conscience.


I do not like the neopets idea. I do not like neopets, tomagatchi (or however you spell it), or farmville. I like how Duolingo easily adapts to any lifestyle and does not intrude into the real world.


Almost forgot about the flags: Of course I want to buy a spanish flag for my owl. But would it be possible to buy a french flag without being a Level 10 Frenchman?


I personally don't think that your idea is meant for a language learning site, it sounds like you just want to turn it into something like Webkinz when this website is really just meant for learning a new language.


I love this community.

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