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  5. "Tôi học nấu ăn."

"Tôi học nấu ăn."

Translation:I learn how to cook.

July 23, 2016



Học = learn or study; but "I study cooking" (as in the subject) is rejected here.

June 6, 2017


Học = in Vietnamese can be used as in learning and studying.

But it's incorrect in English to use them interchangeably. Because studying is specific to school stuff. Where you use your brain. Where learning, is more practical, hand-on stuff

January 22, 2018


Not in english. Which is the problem here. I can study cooking. There are school specifically for that. So in english it can still translate to study

May 14, 2019


How do you learn but by studying? Semantics and the course does not provide differentiation rules for some words with multiple meanings and many simple sentences provide no context.

April 3, 2018


There is no differentiation in the translation, so both should be accepted. The difference in English between studying and learning is partly that you learn when/while/if you study, whereas in Vietnamese the differentiation either isn't there or it exists in the context of the bigger conversation. But the point is, plenty of people do study cooking and culinary arts, from books and in schools. This question/answer are flawed to be sure.

July 21, 2019


I study cooking is correct too

December 22, 2017


is study and learn different words in vietnamese

July 23, 2016


Nope, học= learn & study

July 23, 2016


Why "I learn to cook food" incorrect?

June 17, 2019
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