"Hátra megyünk, azok mögé a házak mögé."

Translation:We go to the back, behind those houses.

July 23, 2016

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With great sentences like this and A bejárat nem az ajtó, hanem az ablak I am really enjoying learning the "Burglary" topic.


In choosing my final answer ("We go to the back..."), I imagined something like "Burglary" or sneaking in through the back/rear entrance...
more literally "hátra megyünk" and far from "visszamegyünk" (although both are valid without "to the", depending on context)


Why not "we go back behind those houses?"


That sounds good. :)


For this exercise, I changed my answer to better suit the Hungarian circumstances, but in colloquial English one could definitely say "we go back behind those houses", not necessarily in the sense of "returning," but related to "we go forward up to those trees".


Why is present continuous not allowed in this sentence "We are going to the back, behind those houses."?


Surely a better translation to English would be "We go backwards, behind those houses. Nobody would say "we go to the back" in English unless they meant "we go to the back of the houses" and that would not be "hátra"

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