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Hungarian course

Oh my Gawd!!! Yes!! The hungarian course is finally ready. I'm so happy. Many thanks to the people that worked on making the course available for us avid learners. :)

July 23, 2016



I decided to try Hungarian too, although I’m sort of afraid that this language is to difficult for me...


Well, they don't have gender, so he/she is the same thing, and a friend of mine that speaks the language says it has a simpler grammar than other languages. I know a bit of it from relatives, hence why I have to learn it, they speak it around me, and it's gotten pretty boring not understanding more than half of what they're saying, so I'm gonna try learning it. :P Good luck to you, duolingo courses are very good in my opinion, so happy learning. :)


Is it possible to skip the basics on the Hungarian course? I am lower intermediate level and dont want to have to spend hours going through the basics.

This is a great app.


As with all courses here on Duolingo, you can start with a placement test that will measure your knowledge and suggest the right starting point for you. Here's the link: https://www.duolingo.com/placement/hu


Can anyone give tips on audiobooks in Hungarian for beginners?

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