"Azokról az asztalokról esnek le a táskák, amelyikhez odafutnak a diákok."

Translation:The bags are falling down from those tables which the students are running to.

July 23, 2016

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Could other native speakers comment on this sentence? I don't see how this can be "amelyik", which to me is singular, when it refers to "asztalok", plural. Am I missing something subtle (or not so subtle), or is this sentence wrong?


I agree. Maybe it's only a typo, "amelyeknez" would be fine.


This is simply wrong. Please, let's keep reporting these, there are sooooo many out there still.


Native Hungarian here. These sentences make me mad. :/ Many of them sound affected and odd to me. And too complicated too. Here I would use plural in both cases (asztalokról --> amelyikekhez) ...if I really had to say something like this.


To which or which to,is there a difference? I was told in a grammar lesson that "a preposition is a bad thing to end a sentence with" whuch tends to prove that bith can be accepted


These types of sentences are very frustrating from a self-taught student's standpoint! I hope they'll improve as other possible translations are reported.

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