"Azokról az asztalokról esnek le a táskák, amelyikhez odafutnak a diákok."

Translation:The bags are falling down from those tables which the students are running to.

July 23, 2016



Could other native speakers comment on this sentence? I don't see how this can be "amelyik", which to me is singular, when it refers to "asztalok", plural. Am I missing something subtle (or not so subtle), or is this sentence wrong?

July 23, 2016


I agree. Maybe it's only a typo, "amelyeknez" would be fine.

July 23, 2016


This is simply wrong. Please, let's keep reporting these, there are sooooo many out there still.

July 24, 2016


Native Hungarian here. These sentences make me mad. :/ Many of them sound affected and odd to me. And too complicated too. Here I would use plural in both cases (asztalokról --> amelyikekhez) ...if I really had to say something like this.

October 15, 2017


To which or which to,is there a difference? I was told in a grammar lesson that "a preposition is a bad thing to end a sentence with" whuch tends to prove that bith can be accepted

February 20, 2018


These types of sentences are very frustrating from a self-taught student's standpoint! I hope they'll improve as other possible translations are reported.

March 6, 2018
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