Of course..

Haha, I know this problem should be redirected in the Troubleshooting section but here is this problem.

February 4, 2014


Thanks! ;) We'll move the into the troubleshooting section. We're getting that fixed..

Lol, definitely troubleshooting

That's how you say it in Spanish. Didn't you know? ;-)

Sometimes it's fun to lurk the Troubleshooting sections for just these occasions. :D LOL! Thanks!

PS you could always move this directly to the Troubleshooting forum at a later time. Whenever you're ready to move it, just edit the post and where it says "Duolingo" in the editing window, click that. It is a drop down menu. You can select "Troubleshooting" from the menu. When you save your post, it will move it to the other forum.

PS Even though i don't think this is a browser or operating system glitch, it's always good to be in the habit of listing those. (For example, mine would be Windows 7/Firefox)

Send a report on the support tab you see on the side.

I have some follow up questions! Were you in offline mode when this happened. Were you using iOS or Android? Thanks!

No, I was not in offline mode and I was using an iOS device.

That is the funniest thing! :D

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