"Bierzecie ten płaszcz?"

Translation:Are you taking this overcoat?

July 23, 2016

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Another correct answer (I suppose): "Are you taking this raincoat?"


Okay, added.

It could be specified as "płaszcz przeciwdeszczowy" (anti-rain).


oh my god that is an actual word........ O:


It's actually only 12 "letters/sounds" really.

That isn't too bad haha


what is the difference between the verbs "biorę" and "Bierzecie"? thanks


Person. "Biorę" is first person singular and "bierzecie" is second person plural.

You can look at the conjugation table here: https://en.wiktionary.org/wiki/bra%C4%87#Conjugation


Dzięki, to bardzo mi pomogło

[deactivated user]

    "You taking this overcoat?" is also a valid sentence in English (at least southern British English like mine) meaning the same thing


    Not in proper English, if you use the infibitive form "taking" you need the helper verb of "to be" (are) in order to indicate present progressive. Otherwise you have to congutate the verb and add helping verb "do" to make a question (do you take this overcoat)


    For some reason you used the instrumental case here, but it should be vocative: Tak, mamo!


    In an earlier example it was written "tego" in "tego psa". Why here is "ten"?


    When using accusative case on singular masculine nouns, we have to differentiate between animate and inanimate nouns.

    Note, this applies solely to singular, masculine nouns in accusative case. Not in any other case, nor in plural masculine.

    Płaszcz and pies are both singular and masculine but when declining them (or their determiners) płaszcz is inanimate and pies (psa) is animate. Hence the determiner 'ten' changes to 'tego'.

    This would also apply to its adjectives (such as duży, biały etc) too.

    Lubię ten duży biały płaszcz

    Lubię tego dużego białego psa.

    Note, if you negated "lubię" to "nie lubię", you will again end up with tego dużego białego but that’s for a different reason. (simply cos of another rule which happens when negating a verb which takes accusative)

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