"Monday is not a month."

Translation:Poniedziałek nie jest miesiącem.

July 23, 2016



This could be either "Poniedziałwek nie jest miesiącem" or "Poniedziałek to nie miesiąc", right?

July 23, 2016


Yep, It's the same.

July 24, 2016


I used "Poniedziałek nie to miesiąc." How is it wrong to use "to" in the nominative case when there are nouns at both ends (x=y). I can see how using the instrumental case is valid, but I'm curious how my answer is wrong.

June 30, 2018


You can't say "nie to" when negating a sentence like this. It's "to nie".

If you consider "Poniedziałek to miesiąc", you can imagine that there is an invisible 'jest' in this sentence: "Poniedziałek to (jest) miesiąc". And then, as you negate the whole idea of 'being a month', you negate it and say "Poniedziałek to nie (jest) miesiąc".

As in the Instrumental version 'jest' is put explicitly, you can see that "Poniedziałek jest miesiącem" changes into "Poniedziałek nie jest miesiącem". Again, the negation precedes 'jest'.

July 2, 2018


I see, so it's just the syntax of "to" and "nie" in the sentence. Thank you, very good for future reference.

July 2, 2018
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