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I've just had that sentence with "yellow flowers" and the song by M.F.Ö. was mentioned in the comments. So I thought that yellow tulips should have some special meaning in Turkey. Indeed, a quick look into Wikipedia reveals that tulips came to Turkey from Iran around the 11-12th century and at different times were a symbol of abundance, indulgence, paradise on earth, and love. Presenting yellow or red tulips was a declaration of love. It is believed that an Austrian ambassador to Suleyman the Magnificent brought tulips to Europe in the 16th century. Do (yellow) tulips still have a special standing in the modern Turkish culture?

2 years ago

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It reminds me just the song by MFÖ. There is nothing except that for me.

2 years ago

Not as far I know.

2 years ago

Yellow tulips don't have any spacial meaning but tulips generally (without mentioning the color) are important for Turkish culture because they are the symbol of İstanbul. But the song has nothing to do with this symbol either. So it is just a song, no special meaning.

2 years ago
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