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How do you get to level 25?

I just finished the Hebrew course (just for fun - I'm completely fluent) and I'm still only on level 12, even though I'm almost all in gold. but i've seen people at level 25. How do you do that?

July 23, 2016


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I also got 12 when I took the Hebrew placement test, and there were about 5-6 skills left until the end of the tree. So I finished the Hebrew tree when I was on level 13. Then - reviewing all the skills again and again, again and again. For me that is less boring than immersion :)))) i don't feel like immersion somehow helps me


you reached level 25 on many many languages. you are awesome. have a nice day!


level 25 on 14 languages?! unbelievable, molodec!


you must get 30000Xp


Reaching level 25 by now in Hebrew would have meant getting about 1000XP per day on every day since the course was released—not impossible, but difficult. I suspect it's likely that at least some of the level 25 Hebrew flags one sees are the result of unscrupulous use of an immersion bug to falsely inflate a language's level without actually practising it.


why do you learn so many languages and do you even remember them


Tsufit, I just started to learn Hebrew, but I am fluent in Russian. Do you want to trade lessons? I need to start practicing Hebrew



This is a Hebrew immersion article, you can translate it to English and it gives you XP to level up.


Hmm, it is only allowing me to edit but not submit translations.


It has already been translated.


there are still some sentences that are not translated


Can you tell which sentences are translated or do you have to click through all of them to see it?


I clicked on "proofread" and scrolled through the translation. You see blank spaces where the sentences are not translated


Basically, XP means time/effort spent on learning a language, not actual competency. For example, of the three languages I have at level 16, only in Russian and Esperanto have I actually completed the tree; German I'm still miles away.

XP is earned regardless of whether one is progressing down the tree. It would be deadly boring, but it would be possible to reach a high level simply by repeating the introductory lessons. On the other hand, if someone completed the tree without repeating/revising any individual lesson - I suspect what you have done, as a fluent speaker? - then they would earn only the bare minimum XP.

TL;DR: XP (which is how the levels are calculated) is how much effort one has expended on a language, it has no relation to how good you are at the language.


It's difficult :(


The amount of level 25 languages you have scares me.


Same here, I"m going through the Hindi course just for fun, I know 95% of the stuff. My goal is to get all golds - and the quickest way to do this is to take 5 tests to jump each level for each chapter.

According to my calculations, there are 30 lessons and I seem to be gaining 20 XP per level, so that would be a total of 30X5X20 = 3000 points when I get all my golds. But this isn't remotely close to the 30k points required for a Lvl. 25 badge. Is there no other way to get the Lvl. 25 badge than going through all 5 lessons in all 5 levels for each chapter? Seems pointless since I'm already fluent.

Edit : I don't know how, but I seem to already be at Level 1 in all the chapters, maybe it's because I cleared the last checkpoint already. I guess the points for all golds becomes even less now : 30X4X20 = 2400.

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