"We eat his rice."

Translation:Nosotros comemos el arroz de él.

5 years ago


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I do not think this is a good example for the chapter. I think one would always say "Nosotros comemos su arroz", so you do not really use a preposition in this sentence.

5 years ago


If you don't use "de el" you don''t know if it is his rice or her rice

5 years ago


Gender doesn't apply to "su". the "de él" is grammatically incorrect. The phrase should read "Nosotros comemos su arroz" as igb stated above.

5 years ago


"de él" is correct grammar. [él ≈ "he"/"him"] "de el" would be incorrect, and must be contracted to "del" [el ≈ "the"]

4 years ago


I was about to ask why de él wasn't contracted. I understand now. Thanks!

4 years ago


It's stating that it was "his rice" as opposed to rice that you purchased. If I was at a restaurant and took the rice from my boyfriends plate, I would be eating his rice. If I the rice was served on my plate I would be eating rice or my rice. So this sentence is perfectly fine. If you skipped "his" then I agree that it should be incorrect. They put it there for you to learn how things like this are said. I, of course, did it incorrectly. :)

4 years ago


I do agree with you igb. Why do we have to go for a so long way?

4 years ago


Why do we need "el" before "arroz"?

5 years ago


Because in English it would translate to "We eat the rice of his" It just makes more sense than "We eat rice of his"

5 years ago

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i put nosotras comemos arroz de él and wrong. why must hve "el" arroz =(

5 years ago


De él is different to del because él means 'he' whereas el means 'the', so no, you do not contract de él to del.

I do think it's a tad unnecessary to have nosotrAs here, though, but a minor thing. It confused me to begin with but I suppose it got me thinking about feminine pronouns more than I usually do, being male.

4 years ago


I wrote comemos su arroz and it was right but nosotros comemos arroz el de lets us know if it is a boy or girl and is more detailed and specific

4 years ago


I dont understand.

<pre> We eat the rice of his </pre>
4 years ago
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