Swedish Success Stories

Can some of you tell me what it's been like for you after finishing the Swedish tree... I'd really love to know what it allows you to do and the best resources for Swedish when doing it :)

July 24, 2016


I went to Sweden when I had just begun my tree, and visited after I finished (the timings were by chance). I noticed the difference for sure!

The first time I was there I could barely read anything and my listening was really poor too, it felt like I was no better off than when I visited before I had even begun the tree. However when I visited the second time, I felt comfortable in Swedish, my listening surprised me most, and my reading was pretty good. Although my speaking is pretty poor, I work in an airport now and with the job that I do, if I ever get a Swedish customer (which happens a few times a day, actually..) I like to push myself to speak Swedish with them, I can feel my speaking improving already - although I must admit I do still really struggle with the natural speed of the language sometimes. Find someone who speaks Swedish, it'll help you SO much.

One of the places that improved my listening in Swedish the most to begin with was Radio Sweden på lätt svenska (Radio Sweden in easy Swedish) there's text underneath whatever you listen to so you can read and hear how words are pronounced, and the woman speaks slower so it's easier to understand. But even if you need to dictionary every other word, push yourself with what you read, it's excellent for extending your vocab.

But after finishing the tree I feel more comfortable in Swedish than I have in any other foreign language (I studied Spanish for 3 years, and French for 6), and I've only been studying it since November. But you will need to use other resources than Duolingo - but Duo is still fantastic.

July 24, 2016

I am about to finish the tree by the end of next week and are going to go to Sweden the following week. If you like I'll report on my experiences.

July 24, 2016

That would be great thanks! What has nearing the tree allowed you to do overall? Can you comfortably read simple stories and news articles?

July 24, 2016

Simple reading tasks like navigating a website works fine. Sometimes there are words of course that have not been covered in the course. Since German is my native tongue many are intuitively understandable, but still I depend on a dictionary.

I'm also not ready to have a discussion with a native or watching a film without subtitles yet. Understanding the spoken language is more difficult to in practice than when listening to the same computer generated voice all the time. Also I think I'm lacking training in text production a little. I couldn't write an essay or something at this point. That's definitely something that requires extra practice, probably best together with natives.

But one thing is for sure: Duolingo boosts your rate of learning. I was taking a beginners course for four month up until recently and benefited insofar as Duolingo allowed me to focus mainly on conversation skills. In general I think this is a good combination: Computer-aided translation exercises and some real-world immersion. If you are able to access some extra resources, I'd recommend to do so.

July 25, 2016

I finished the tree before going to Sweden for 5 months. It really helped a lot, I could read most written text and I found my way around. I could also ask rather simple stuff, and maybe keep up typically scripted conversations.

I could not understand anyone who spoke in their natural speed, I used English for most conversations and had a hard time writing in swedish.

So don't stop studying after you finished the tree, watch & listen to swedish news (for the listening comprehension), read swedish books (aloud!), write a swedish diary (maybe about what happened on the news?) and try to find people with whom you can speak swedish.

Personally, I'm back again from Sweden and never stopped studying - I think I could pass the B2 Swedex exam with a bit more speaking exercises - I'll try it in November :)

Have fun learning!

July 24, 2016

I did the sweedish for 25% and wow, changed my life. Moving there tomorrow, baught a pair of slacks to celebrate and generally fit in with the slack loving community. I'll tell you how it goes, i feel optimistic. Helge Palmcrantz i hope to meet. WOWZOR

July 24, 2016

min vokabulär har ökat mycket sedan jag klarade färdighetsträdet och jag kan nu läsa mer och längre svenska texter. Jag kan också skriva foruminlägg på svenska men inte så mycket än. Förutom att änvanda Duolingo så lyssnar jag på sverigesradios nyheter på lätt svenska varje dag, och läser ofta.

July 25, 2016

I had already studied Swedish for several years, as well as had a several years break from the language before I completed the Duolingo tree. I decided to do it, because I wanted to refresh and improve my Swedish, as I had lost my motivation to study it. The tree was a good start and really motivated me to continue studying Swedish. Completing the tree brought many things back and also improved my language use a fair bit.

July 31, 2016

I'm new at Duolingo, but what is a Swedish tree , a sort of test? And when can you do this? After a certain level?

July 30, 2016

The tree is just another name for the Duolingo course.

July 30, 2016
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