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  5. "Tal does not speak English."

"Tal does not speak English."

Translation:טל לא מדבר אנגלית.

July 24, 2016



In fact i thought the opposite, that is was just a female name :p


Why is medeberet also accepted? I thought Tal was only a boy's name..


Tal can be either a male or a female.


Why is מדברת counted wrong? I thought Tal was a unisex name


It's correct now, and required in choose-all-correct-answers questions.


tal lo medabér anglít.


Why did i just put "Ivrit" instead of "English"??? Smh.. -_-


Tal - טל - is both a name (works for boys and girls), and the word for dew (as in morning dew).


Is Tal a male? Hence מדבר.?


Trying to get a grasp on the structure of מדבר

I thought דבר was the root for "to speak" and would also be used for "he spoke" and that any letters added tonthe end or ye word would denore who is/did/will speak. So what doe the מ before דבר indicate? Is it a preposition of some sort? Or just an evolution of דבר?

Full disclosure, before Duo, my exposure to Hebrew was limited to biblical Hebrew, and even that, minimally. So maybe I'm missing the connection because it isnt there in modern Hebrew.


Thanks. If I'm reading this correctly, the מ is simply indicating that it is present tense 1st person?


Eric, no problem! Look here as well: https://en.m.wiktionary.org/wiki/מדבר

(I'm not a native speaker, I'm learning too - just ahead of you in the course).


Dang, typos galore.

  • added to the end of the word would denote.


Can we discuss how Tal was a stupid name to choose. I only know guys named Tal and it seems I'm not the only one. If they wanted a female because they've got Yossi for name why not do a female?


I typed ענגלית instead of אנגלית but it was right and no typo. It just showed the one with aleph as another translation. Kann you spell it both ways?


So now we know Tal is a girl!!

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