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"Quality is very important to us."

Translation:Jakość jest dla nas bardzo ważna.

July 24, 2016



My answer was marked incorrect, but I am wondering if it actually is incorrect to say:

Jakość dla nas jest bardzo ważna.


Maybe not as natural (I vote for "Jakość jest dla nas bardzo ważna") but good enough to accept. Added.


How can i know when to use za instead of dla i do get confused with za since it means behind/too/for


Well, "for" has many meanings. For sure "dla" would be used when it's "for someone" (A gift for you), "za" is for example used with paying 'for something' (płacę za samochód)... generally, I believe you have to remember different usages and contexts.


Second phrase that tried me up on the same thing (I think). Why can't "jest" be replaced with "to"? "Jakość to bardzo ważna dla nas"


You have to use jest since bardzo ważna is an adjective.


Why not jakość jest bardzo ważna dla nas


We actually accept it, it should have worked. But we're really not fond of answers ending with a pronoun. Still, given that it's a whole prepositional phrase ("dla nas"), it's a bit better than usually.

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