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Anime in Spanish

Can anyone suggest a good website where I can stream or download anime series dubbed in Spanish ?

I'm currently watching Tokyo Ghoul on Kissanime and I thought I could make better use of my time watching animes in Spanish instead of English!

July 24, 2016



Here you can watch Dragon Ball in Latin American Spanish http://dragonball.sullca.com/capitulos/dragon-ball


Haha thanks for the suggestion Paolo, I'm going to bookmark this one! The audio seems quite easy to understand! I've grown up watching Dragon Ball, maybe I'll give it a try when I finish with Tokyo Ghoul.


What is you native language Tom ?


I'm a native spanish speaker and i like anime too but i don't know any site with a great list of dubbed animes, but gogoanime.es have some. also, try with animeflv.net or jkanime.net (above the video you can see if it's available the spanish dubbed version or not)

or you can try searching on youtube but the most of the animes only have japanese audio and spanish subs :-(


I recommend http://animeid.io/ If you want Japanese audio + Spanish subs


"most of the animes only have japanese audio and spanish subs" Exactly! But I really want to find the dubbed ones...

Gogoanime looks quite similar to Kissanime, but they don't have the popular animes. And the dubbed version of Naruto Shippuden has only 112 episodes : (

animeflv has too many ads and I could not find dubbed titles. (same for jkanime)


You cann look google look for dubbed animes in the language of Spanish


Instructions not clear enough, got my toe stuck on the ceiling fan.


what?? how do you get your toe stuck on the ceiling fan???


lol... he's being sarcastic...


Because of you people, I'm going to end up trying to get my toe stuck in the ceiling fan and that'll just be straight up painful!


I use kissanime toooooo xD


Well, now I know who's slowing down the servers. Please, we need less people on Kissanime and more people playing Pokémon Go!


Animes doblados al español tienes a "School Rumble" la primera temporada, Esta "Mamalade Boy", "Sailor Moon", "Inuyasha","One piece", "Bleach" (solo la primera temporada), "Death Note", "One punch man", "Another" (algunos capitulos) puedes encontrar en youtube o en google--- PDTA: Algunas personas prefieren en japones porque dobladas algunas traducciones son malas. ¿Donde aprendió ingles?


Thanks for the suggestions. The only one that got my attention was One Piece, but do you happen to know how many episodes got dubbed? I've been planning to watch One Piece for over a year now but I never got the time for it. I watched like 1 episode but it didn't really interest me. I guess I'll have to go with the flow and give it a try...I mean, there's so many people talking about this anime and it's the most popular on Kissanime.

"Algunas personas prefieren en japones porque dobladas algunas traducciones son malas"
I know, but it doesn't really matter to me if the dubs are bad or good, I just want to have the opportunity to watch some animes in Spanish!

"¿Donde aprendió ingles?"
On the internet! My motto is; try to do what you enjoy doing in your native language in your target language and you'll become fluent in no time!


creo que hasta casi 200 estan doblados de onepiece, Naruto tambien puedes encontrarlo doblado,al igual que; Digimón, Pokemon,Ranma 1/2, Yu Gi oh, Super Campeones, DBZ, Full Metal Alchemist, Blood +, Sakura Card Captor,Samurai X. Podría practicar con usted ingles?


"Podría practicar con usted ingles?" Yeah, sure. Why not. Leave a message on my stream if you want any help.


Gracias :) ¿Por dónde practicamos?


You'll never finish it


One Piece is longer than history itself


Dubbed animes have two localizations: Spanish of Spain (usually referred as "Castellano" in world of dubbing) and Mexican Spanish (usually called "Latino" or "Neutro"). There are epic fights about which one is the best, but both of them have good parts and failures. Don't pay attention to those discussions, just enjoy the anime.

I like dubbed [Mexican Spanish] version of Caballeros del Zodiaco (Saint Seiya) and Love Hina.


You can always watch anime English dubbed Spanish subbed, I know that there are a lot of anime dubbed in English and you seem to understand the language pretty well.


I want to watch Dragon Ball Z with Spanish dub and Spanish sub simultaneously so that I can read as I listen. Can anyone suggest me a site where I can do that?


I see you are a man of culture as well.

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