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"Are hamsters small, furry animals?"

Translation:A hörcsögök kicsi, szőrös állatok?

July 24, 2016



I like how the English 'animal' refers to the Latin root of living, moving, while the Hungarian állat just... stands.


Kicsi szörös állatok a hörcsögök? This was marked wrong, because it should be kicsit. Where does this "t" come from? And what would it be, if it was "szörös kicsi állatok........." Szörösöt or again kicsit???


That is most likely a mistake. The accusative has no right to be there; your sentence is correct.
Or how about "egy kicsit szőrös állatok" - animals that are a little furry? :D


"Szoros" means hairy. "Bundas" means furry.


Actually, "szőrös" can be used for any hairy or furry thing. (But not for the hair on top the human head. That is "haj".) And "bundás" is more specific, close to "furry".

Oh, and the adjective "szoros" means "tight". :)

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