"January is a winter month."

Translation:Január egy téli hónap.

July 24, 2016

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There's another sentence that's part of this exercise, "Március az egy tavaszi hónap," so I tried translating this one as "Január az egy téli hónap," and of course it was marked wrong. The comments on the other sentence say that the az is optional, but it should also be accepted in this sentence. Mildly frustrating.


I encountered the same thing. More than mildly frustrating.


All very confusing. First of all, Január téli hónap isn't accepted even though Vvsey says it should be. I've reported that. And Miklos makes the interesting point that "A" is required and I can see the logic because it's a general statement. So, please will a fluent speaker clear this up? Remarkably, this discussion is 4 years' old and remains unresolved.


Január téli honap ?


Perfect. With a long "ó", of course.


"A január egy téli hónap." is the correct translation. The "A" is necessary.

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