"Annak a férfinak van fia, aki sárga kabátban van."

Translation:That man who is wearing a yellow coat has a son.

July 24, 2016



Well done for spotting that, my hungarian just is not good enough. Don't know if it ever will be either the way I am going with some of these sentences.

August 30, 2016


How about this translation? That man, who wears a yellow coat, has a son.

October 27, 2017


That sounds very good. :)

March 26, 2018


Is it the man or the son who is in a yellow coat? Based on previous lessons, I thought it would be the man, but "That man has a son, who is in a yellow coat." makes it sound like the son.

July 24, 2016


Yes, the English translation is incorrect. The Hungarian sentence clearly specifies the man as the one having the yellow coat. I can imagine this English sentence: "The man in a yellow coat is the one who has a son".

July 24, 2016


------- it looks as if you-all have caused duo to make a change. it's now, "the man, who is wearing a yellow coat, has a son... " . . .

ps: my commas . :-)

Big 26 aug 18

August 27, 2018


I wrote exactly the same sentence I heard ( the sound is correct) and the correct solution is the same i wrote. It was rejected. ( I am native Hungarian) It is a mistake in the program but it is not possible to report it.

January 9, 2019


That might happen if you lose your internet connection during a lesson. Duolingo has some trouble synchronising.

January 9, 2019


Thanks for your explanation!

January 10, 2019


First time happening for me too: "annak a ferfinak van fia aki sarga kabatban van" rejected...

January 21, 2019
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