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"Annak a férfinak van fia, aki sárga kabátban van."

Translation:That man who is wearing a yellow coat has a son.

July 24, 2016



How about this translation? That man, who wears a yellow coat, has a son.


That sounds very good. :)


Well done for spotting that, my hungarian just is not good enough. Don't know if it ever will be either the way I am going with some of these sentences.


Is it the man or the son who is in a yellow coat? Based on previous lessons, I thought it would be the man, but "That man has a son, who is in a yellow coat." makes it sound like the son.


Yes, the English translation is incorrect. The Hungarian sentence clearly specifies the man as the one having the yellow coat. I can imagine this English sentence: "The man in a yellow coat is the one who has a son".


------- it looks as if you-all have caused duo to make a change. it's now, "the man, who is wearing a yellow coat, has a son... " . . .

ps: my commas . :-)

Big 26 aug 18


I wrote exactly the same sentence I heard ( the sound is correct) and the correct solution is the same i wrote. It was rejected. ( I am native Hungarian) It is a mistake in the program but it is not possible to report it.


That might happen if you lose your internet connection during a lesson. Duolingo has some trouble synchronising.


Thanks for your explanation!


First time happening for me too: "annak a ferfinak van fia aki sarga kabatban van" rejected...

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