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"What country is between Spain and France?"

Translation:Nước nào ở giữa Tây Ban Nha và Pháp?

July 24, 2016



Why no nắm here as in multiple choice? Is it too much to ask for some consistency after three years? Or at least some official explanation? I dream of the day when my comments where I made up rules to get by are deleted after clarifications and corrections.

January 4, 2019


Yes, why do they quiz people on vocabulary or constructions never introduced? In my experience teachers who do this kind of crap, who test students on stuff they've never seen, are the ones who give me the impression that they need to legitimize their superiority over their students with 'gotcha!!' test questions.


what does "nằm"" mean?


To lie down. But it is also used as "to be located" in this case (this country is located at... - nước này nằm giữa...)


come on! consistency please!

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