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  5. "Cảm ơn và làm ơn cẩn thận."

"Cảm ơn làm ơn cẩn thận."

Translation:Thank you and please be careful.

July 24, 2016



Is look out = be careful? I see both of them in hint. But when I put "look out", it makes error.


In english it does mean the same thing, however if duolingo were to include that translation it would be difficult for some as they might take it as a literal translation. "coi chưng" would be the accurate translation for look out :)


I think a better translation here would be "thank you and take care".


"Thank you and please look out", wrong?


wu cant i say thank you for " cam on" don't really see the spoken difference here in sense


The answer covers my incorrect response, i cannot see what mistake i made


In English "Thank you Thank you and do Thank you be careful kidney." Was to be translated. "Thank you and please be careful." WHAT? What is wrong with Duolingo this evening? .

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