"The kindergarten teachers above the city are friendly people, they do not shout."

Translation:Az óvónők a város fölött barátságos emberek, ők nem kiabálnak.

July 24, 2016

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I hope, the readers have enough sense for humor to get along with my following comment:

To complete the nonsense character of that sentence for a better keeping hungarian phrases in mind you should better use "állatok" instead of "emberek".

End of Irony :-)


I am native Hungarian. I think this sentence is nonsense. What they do above the city? Are they live in Buda mountains os what? :D


Haven't you noticed the earlier sentences about flying kindergarten teachers in Hungary? We (people learining from this course) are already pretty used to the thought that kindergarten teachers in your country are... specific :D


Well, "felett" is not accepted instead of "fölött". I reported it, let's hope that it will be fixed.


I would replace that sentence completely by a more meaningful one.


I laugh so much every time I read another kindergarten teacher's superpower (reminds me of jokes about flying ninja nuns), though it would be much better if I didn't have to type "kindergarten teacher" over and over.

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